Families receiving SNAP benefits are now automatically eligible for
Head Start!
A preschool journey that prepares our students for kindergarten and life-long learning

Preschool is a chance for children 3-5 years old to make friends, explore the world around them and learn through hands on activities. Our students socialize, paint, play games, color and sing all while developing the skills they will need in kindergarten and for life-long learning. We provide a variety of learning experiences to meet the needs of the child.

At CenClear, we focus on the entire child. In addition to learning through play, these children enjoy healthy meals or snacks while also learning about the importance of eating nutritious foods. We focus on their mental, physical, and cognitive health. We help them to develop social skills and independence.

Why Preschool

You can be sure your child is on the right track for their future education since CenClear works closely with various school districts to ensure our preschool students are learning the skills they will need to move into kindergarten and for life-long learning.

CenClear’s high-quality preschool programs also provide parents with a home visitor. Parents learn new ways to interact with their children in their homes to help put their children on the path to success.


  • Children in families that meet the income eligibility requirements
  • Foster children (Head Start only, no income requirements)
  • Children 3-5 years old (age based on preschool location and program)

*Examples of income documentation required: W2s, front page of federal tax return, court orders, proof of child support and/or SSI

What Preschool Options
are Available?

  • Half-day classes (Only Available in Hyde and CPI)
  • Full-day classes
  • Transportation (in some cases) 
  • Children in half-day preschool classes spend 3 ½ hours a day in school 4-5 days each week. They also receive two home visits a year or monthly.
    Children in full-day preschool classes spend 6-6 ½ hours a day in school 5-days-a-week. These children receive two home visits a year and two parent conferences are held a year. 

*vary by location

Family Focus

CenClear’s high-quality preschool programs focus on the entire family.  All families receive home visits and parents learn new ways to support their child’s development in the home and community. We also help parents focus on their goals and work with them to reach them.

We know the important part families play in a child’s life and we encourage parent engagement in their child’s education. We provide opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom and participate in our policy committee so they can have input on their child’s education.

Home Visits

All of our preschool programs include home visits by the child’s teacher a minimum of two times a year and monthly visits by a Family Service Worker.

During the visits, teachers provide parents with ideas and activities to help their child learn. They can also provide parents with additional resources that will benefit the family.

Studies show that home visits help to stimulate a child’s learning and positively impact their achievements. These visits also help to strengthen the relationship between the teacher and the children. The visits help the teacher better understand the specific needs of each child and their family.

At the visits, you will talk about your child’s development, what your child likes and doesn’t like, your role as a parent and your observations about your child.

Each preschool student/family is also assigned a Family Service Worker. Home Visits are done at least once a month. During the visits, Family Service Workers complete  developmental assessments and health screenings, help the family to establish a family goal and assist with connecting to resources as needed. 

CenClear Teachers and Staff

Our staff are professionals that receive constant professional development trainings to bring about positive, lasting change in the lives of children and families.

Where can you find a
CenClear Preschool?

CenClear offers preschool programs in Clearfield, Centre and Elk Counties. Classes available vary based on location and the funding source.

Contact Us

For more information call us: 1-800-525-5437


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