• Childrens Advocacy Center of Clearfield County

    Child's Advocacy Center of Clearfield County

    Where Healing Begins

    The Child's Advocacy Center (CAC) is a safe place for kids who may have been abused. The center brings together a team of specially trained professionals who evaluate and investigate cases of child abuse and help children and their families.

    CAC's are designed to be child-focused and reduce stress experienced by child survivors of abuse and their non-offending family members throughout the investigation and intervention process. By focusing first on the needs of children and their families, CAC's ensure that many important services are provided while improving the quality of investigations.

    CAC's follow national guidelines developed by the National Children's Alliance. CAC's participate in intensive training, on-going peer reviews and a mentorship program to ensure that a high-quality, child-sensitive approach is maintained. CAC's partner with legal entities and other community agencies to help ensure accountability of offenders.  We offer education and training to promote community awareness and safety.

    The Center is designed with children and families in mind. Many of our services are provided in the comfort and convenience of our child-friendly location. Each space is specifically designed to promote comfort and safety.

    Services may include:

    • Multidisciplinary Team
    • Advocacy
    • Child Forensic Interviews
    • Mental Health Services
    • Medical Services
    • Outreach and Training

    Child Advocacy Center

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    CenClear is an equal opportunity employer and service provider that does not discriminate on any basis including a person’s age, sex, color, race, disability,  religious creed, life-style or source of payment.


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