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    Blended Case Management (BCM)
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    The Blended Case Management program provides case management services to adults, children, and adolescents that are affected by mental health, emotional, developmental, and behavior issues including co-occurring. The goal is to maintain the consumer in their own community. An assigned case manager works with consumers to access, link, coordinate, and monitor needs of services as well as provide support and advocacy. Blended Case Management Services are available to residents of Blair, Cameron, Elk, Huntingdon, Mifflin and Juniata counties.
    Also included in the Blended Case Management program:
    • Consumers are linked with other services and systems
    • Monitoring of service delivery
    • Assist in gaining access to services
    • Assessment and treatment plan development
    • Assist with problem resolution
    • Establish an informal support network
    • Assist with linkage to community resources 
    Eligibility for Blended Case Management:

    Mental Health Blended Case Management

    • Mental Health diagnosis
    • Doctor recommendation
    Office Locations for Blended Case Management:
    • Blair County
    • Cameron County
    • Elk County
    • Huntingdon County
    • Mifflin County
    • Juniata County

    *Serving Roaring Spring, Emporium, St. Marys, Huntingdon, Yeagertown and Juniata areas.

    To request more information about this program, please call:
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    *Privacy & Confidentiality

    No information about you will be released without your written consent. 

    Services are confidential 

    CenClear embraces the Sanctuary Model by utilizing a trauma-informed approach to care.

     CenClear is an equal opportunity employer and service provider that does not discriminate on any basis including a person's age, sex, color, race, disability, religious creed, life-style or source of payment.