• Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a question you didn't find the answer to here? Call us 1-800-525-5437 or email us at info@cenclear.org. Let us know so we can include it in the future. 

    Mental Health Counseling Questions/Addiction Counseling Questions
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    How do I refer myself or someone else for mental health or addiction counseling?

    It's easy. Simply click here MH/DA Referral Form. Not ready to submit the form yet or do you have additional questions? Give CenClear a call at 1-877-341-5845. We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

    Who can make a referral for mental health or addiction counseling?

    *Referrals can be made be made by the person seeking help, a parent/spouse, school official or physician. However, it is important the person that needs help is involved in this important decision. 

    How often will I see a therapist if I sign up for counseling? 

    We make determiniations about how often a person needs to meet with a therapist based on each individual case. Our program is individualized for each person. Typically, a person beginning therapy will meet with a therapist one time a week. 

    How old do I have to be to sign up for counseling on my own? 

    In Pennsylvania, the age of consent for mental health therapy is 14-years-old. Our services are confidential. Treatment will not be discussed with a parent/guardian unless the patient has signed a consent form. 

    How old does a child have to be to begin therapy? 

    CenClear offers services for children, teens and adults. Please contact us to discuss your child's needs at 1-877-341-5845. 

    Which therapies are available at the office near me? 

    CenClear's services vary by office. To help you find the office near you that offers the service you need check out our services by location here

    Does CenClear offer telehealth? 

    Yes. CenClear offers telehealth for counseling appointments. If you have concerns about coming into an office because of Covid-19 let us know and we can arrange a telehealth counseling appointment for you. 

    What precautions has CenClear taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19? 

    CenClear is requiring everyone entering a building to put on a mask and have their temperature taken. Hand sanitizer is readily available at all of our office locations. We are not allowing anyone to sit in the waiting rooms at this time. You can check in for your appointment by calling form your vehicle. Your therapist will come to get you for your appointment. Thank you for your patience. 

    How do I pay for therapy? How much does it cost?  

    CenClear is able to accept a number of different insurances as well as Medical Assistance. Some insurance plans do require a co-pay based on the plan you have. We also accept cash payments Please, do not avoid therapy based on the cost. Call us so we can help you get access to the counseling you need. If you have questions about this please call us at 1-877-341-5845.

    Can I get CenClear counseling at school? 

    Yes. CenClear offers counseling in school at 20 different schools. If you would like to see if your school is one of them click here. (Scroll to bottom). 

    I'm out of medicine. What do I do? 

    Please call us and ask to speak with a nurse. 1-877-341-5845.

    I missed my appointment. What do I do? 

    Please call us at 1-877-341-5845 or call the office number where you were schedule. It can be found here. It is very important that you call us if you missed an appointment since you can be dismissed from a program for missing too many sessions. 

    I can't make my appointment. What do I do? 

    Please call us. The phone numbers for our offices can be found here. 

    Does CenClear offer Methadone?

    No, CenClear does not offer a methadone clinic. CenClear does offer Medication Assisted Treatment including Vivitrol and buprenorphine and naloxone (Suboxone).

    Are CenClear's professionals willing to speak to organizations or schools? 

    Yes, CenClear is passionate about helping our community. If you would like to have a CenClear professional speak at a training or another event please contact us at info@cenclear.com or by calling 1-800-342-5678 and we will work with you. 

    Is CenClear hiring? 

    Yes. Check out our job listings here. Don't see a job you are qualified for? Please check back. We update our listings regularly. 

    Does CenClear have a vaccine mandate for employees?

    CenClear does plan to implement a vaccine mandate as required for organizations with more than 100 employees and federal contractors. It does consider medical and religious exemptions.


    Preschool/Early Childhood Questions

    How much does preschool cost? 

    There is no cost for our high-quality preschool and Early Head Start programs to eligible families.*

    When can I sign my child up for preschool? 

    We accept applications for our Preschool and Early Head Start programs all year. 

    How do I sign my child up for preschool? 

    You can fill out the form on our website here. If you need help filling out the application call us at 1-800-525-5437. We would be happy to help!

    Does my child have to be potty trained to attend a CenClear preschool program? 

    No. We do not require your child to be potty trained for our preschool program. 

    Does CenClear offer full-day or half-day preschool programs? 

    CenClear offers primarily full-day programs. We do offer some half-day progams, but they are very limited and depend on location. 

    Does CenClear provide transportation for preschool? 

    Transportation is provided for some, but not all of CenClear's preschool classes. 

    Do CenClear preschool programs provide lunch? 

    CenClear provides children with healthy snacks or breakfast in additon to lunch. If they are provided breakfast, lunch or both depends on whether the class is half-day or full-day. 

    Can I be involved in my child's preschool program? 

    Yes. CenClear has a Policy Council that includes parents/caregivers of children in our Head Start and Early Head Start programs. As a Policy Council Representative you have the opportunity to make decisions regarding our preschool programs. You will also develop leadership skills. CenClear also welcomes parent/caregiver volunteers. As a volunteer you can assist in the classroom or help with children on the bus. To learn more about the opportunities available call us at 1-800-525-5437 or email us at info@cenclear.org.

    What are the eligibility requirements for preschool? 

    CenClear is able to offer preschool through Head Start, Head Start Supplemental Assistance Program and PA PreK Counts. CenClear also collaborates with the Central Intermediate Unit to provide specialized classes and placement for children with special needs. Each program has its own set of income and other eligibility requirements. To determine if you are eligible please fill out the online application or call us at 1-800-525-5437.

    When will I know if my child has been enrolled in CenClear preschool? 

    We fill openings throughout the program year as they occur. Parents will be notifed by a letter in the mail. Notification for fall classes usually takes place in July.

    Are home visits required as part of the CenClear preschool program? 

    Yes. We provide each family with a Family Service Worker that meets with the family monthly. The teacher also meets with the family. Learn more about Home Visits on our preschool page. 

    Is there an income requirement for Family Centers? 

    No. Anyone with a child five-years-old or younger in Clearfield or Centre Counties can participate in our Family Centers program. Family Centers involve in home vists twice-a-month as well as group activities, screenings and resource connections. 

    Do children in Early Head Start go to classroom? 

    No. CenClear does not offer classes for this program. Our Early Head Start program, for pregnant women and children up to age 3, offers in home visits where we help parents find developmentally appropriate activities for young children, find connections to community resources, create an environment for parents to participate in group activities and community events as a family and more. 

    Does CenClear offer child care? 

    No. We offer preschool and in-home visits through our Early Head Start and Family Centers programs.

    What are some special benefits familes participating in CenClear programs receive? 

    In addition to a high-quality preschool and early childhood experience, CenClear offers familes the opportunity to participate in special events such as our annual Fall Family Festival, a family-outing to DelGrosso Amusement Park, a CAP Carnival and so much more. We also provide parent training and individualized support to help each family reach their goals. Every child receives health, developmental and sensory screenings. 

    What happens if I refer another family to your program? 

    If your child is enrolled in our preschool program, Family Centers Program or Early Head Start and you refer another family you could receive a cash incentive. If we receive a completed application indicating you were referred by a family with a child currently enrolled in a program we will send you $10!

    When will I know if my child has been enrolled in CenClear preschool? 

    We fill openings throughout the program year as they occur. Parents will be notifed by a letter in the mail. Notification for fall classes usually takes place in July. 

    Can I choose my child’s teacher/school?

    CenClear works to accommodate requests, however, because we must follow state and federal guidelines for student placement so we cannot guarantee your child will be in a specific classroom. We will work with you to make sure we meet the needs of your child.

    Is CenClear hiring? 

    Yes. Check out our job listings here. Don't see a job you are qualified for? Please check back. We update our listings regularly.