• Sensory Station

    Outpatient Pediatric Clinic

    The Sensory Station therapeuitc staff provides an opportunity to enhance a child's performance in sensory regulation to decrease their challenges in day-to-day activities.

    Sensory integration therapy implements play activities in ways designed to change how the brain reacts to touch, sound, sight and movements.

         Sensory Station Benefits

    • Improves eating habits
    • Reduces aversions to sensory experiences
    • Improves core calming techniques
    • Enhances personal strength and growth
    • Minimizes challenging behaviors

     Sensory Station Focal Points

    • Fine and gross motor
    • Visual perceptual
    • Sensory regulation
    • Aversion management
    • Motor planning related to apraxia

    Multiple Insurances Accepted

    The Sensory Station is located at 60 Industrial Park Road, Clearfield 

    For more information about The Sensory Station:

    (814) 342-5678 ext. 4410

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