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    The Maintaining Strengths Program works to strengthen and maintain the family, improve coping skills, teach family members to care for their child/adolescent and to serve as an advocate for their child/adolescent. This treatment model involves family therapy services. The main focus of this treatment is with the child/adolescent and family strengths. The service can take place in the home, school or a community setting.

    The Maintaining Strengths Program was developed to keep the family together. The program is usually used as a step down from Family-Based Therapy, but it can also be used as a step up from IBHS and outpatient therapy. This program is voluntary and time limited to nine months.    


    • Step down from Family-Based Behavioral Health or EPSDT Wraparound service
    • Step up from outpatient behavioral health setting 
    • Children from birth to age 21 and eligible for Medical Assistance under EPSDT
    • Interagency Service Planning Team/CASSP Meeting
    • Behavioral Health Diagnosis

    Geographical locations MSP is offered:

     Limited Availability In:

    • Huntingdon
    • Juniata
    • Mifflin


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    *Privacy & Confidentiality
    No information about you will be released without your written consent. 
    Services are confidential 

    CenClear embraces the Sanctuary Model by utilizing a trauma-informed approach to care.

     CenClear is an equal opportunity employer and service provider that does not discriminate on any basis including a person's age, sex, color, race, disability, religious creed, life-style or source of payment.