2020 has challenged all of us in a way we haven't seen before. But learning hasn't stopped just because our teachers can't see their students face to face. Instead, they are using new techniques to reach out to their students. Our students and their families have done an amazing job of learning the lessons and completing the projects at home. Below are a few of the amazing results!  

    When news of schools closures were announced our first thought was what about our students and consumers? Our teachers sprung into action and embraced virtual classrooms. Schools remain closed, but the learning continues.

    CenClear free preschool  

    Our DuBois preschool students are seeking adventure thanks to teachers Miss Erin and Miss Lisa! Miss Erin has been taking her students along on virtual "nature walks." The students can check out her posts as she shows updates on frog eggs found outside, and extends learning through other activities. She and Miss Lisa share their adventures on both of their class pages....across the virtual hall. The students are getting twice the adventures!

    CenClear DuBois Preschool

    Each day Miss Lisa talks about what is happening inside the eggs in her incubator and shows the students a model (via the computer) of the inside of the egg that goes along with the chick's development for the day. She also posts a story book being read and/or a fun activity to keep everyone busy while they wait for the eggs to hatch. "We're having a lot of fun!" --Miss Lisa, DuBois

    CenClear preschool

    The result!

    CenClear free preschool

    Families in our Family Centers program were able to create this amazing bunny decoration during a phone visit with Miss Susan! Home time can certainly be productive time for our families!

    CenClear free preschool


    CenClear Early Head Start

    Every week our teachers and the students (with the help of their families!) are challenged with PACTs (Productive Activities in Challenging Times.) The results are always a delightful surprise! Check out the collection of beautiful rainbows.

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     One of Miss Suzie's students has been working very hard at home writing letters and even adding numbers!! Great job!

    CenClear preschool

    Nothing says spring time like butterflies! Check out this beautiful collection made by our students using a variety of materials!

    CenClear preschool CenClear preschool CenClear Preschool CenClear Preschool

    Miss Melinda's shared a lesson with her students' families from the Teaching Strategies Facebook page on Clothes. One family extended an activity and the child figured out how to make his name using the clothespins.

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