Vaping Resource Information


  • Signs Your Teen May Be Vaping

    1. Increased Thirst: Vaping leaves the users mouth dry, causing them to be thirsty. 

    2. Desire for Stronger Flavor in Foods: The dry mouth the user is left with from vaping gives food a duller flavor.

    3. Acne: Vaping affects skin and can cause break outs

    4. Cutting Back on Caffeine: Caffeine can cause increase anxiety and mood swings in people that are vaping.

    5. Nosebleeds: In addition to the mouth, vaping dries out the nose causing nosebleeds.

    6. Unfamiliar "USB drives", "Battery Charges" or "Spare Parts": These items are used in e-cigarettes and need to be replaced, more items that look like this may find the way into your trash cans. 


    Information provided by the US News and World Reports. For more information on signs your teen may be vaping check out the article: