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  • Just In!

    CenClear will offer its annual Child Abuse Prevention Carnival at 3 locations this year. The event will held in April in Matternville, Philipsburg and DuBois! 

    CenClear Chid Abuse Prevention Carnival

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    CenClear offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) This is an evidence-based practice most commonly used with Boderline Personality Disorder populations, but also has applications for substance use disorder consumers as well as other mental health diagnoses. 

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  •  Fingerprinting Available!

    If you are in need of fingerprinting to obtain clearances CenClear can help. First call IdentoGO to set up an appointment at 1-844-321-2101, then visit CenClear's Bigler office to have it done. 

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  • BHRS Now Available in Clarion!

    Clarion Drug and Alcohol services and BHRS

    In addition to drug and alcohol treatment, CenClear is now offering Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services in Clarion. 

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  • CenClear now offering MAT

    CenClear is pleased to announce it is now offering a Medication Assisted Treatment Program to help those battling addiction.

    For more information call: (814) 938-6340

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  • Have you heard?

    If you receive behvarioral health services in Clearfield or Punxsutanwey you now have access to your own navigator that can help you to find all the behavioral and physical health services you need through our Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic.

    Clearfield Mental Health and drug and alcohol services

    Contact CenClear's Clearfield office at (814) 765-1149 or

    CenClear offers drug and alcohol and mental health services in Punxsutawney one of our CCBHC lcoations

    the Punxsutawney office at (814) 938-6340 to learn more about our Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) today!

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The Sanctuary Model®

  • CenClear is committed to providing a safe, nuturing environment not only for the people who seek services, but also for CenClear's employees.

    CenClear is working to integrate the Sanctuary Model® to into the daily lives of both staff and consumers.  Learn more about what the Sanctuary Model® is here

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Mission Statement



    Call Us: 1-800-525-5437

    CenClear's Mission 

    CenClear is an organization dedicated to leading our community with superior quality and innovative services to all consumers by providing physical, social, emotional, educational and leadership development.

    Belief in the importance that parents are the prime educators of children has led CenClear to adopt the philosophy of "Reaching Children Through Families.

Brief History

    Our Story
    Headquartered in Bigler, PA, CenClear is dedicated to providing early childhood, preschool, mental health and drug and alcohol services to children, teens, adults, and families from locations in Blair, Cambria, Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Elk, Clarion, and Jefferson Counties as well as some select programs in adjoining counties. We serve more than 6,000 adults, adolescents and children annually in a variety of programs and services. 
    CenClear mental health drug and alcohol and preschool services in Pennsyvania   
    CenClear Services was established in 1980 as a non-profit corporation. Head Start was the original program and the program on which CenClear's comprehensive service delivery system is modeled. Through the provision of Head Start Services, it was soon realized that there were other issues that the Head Start program alone could not address. Where the community was lacking in a service, CenClear Services conceptualized and designed a program to fill the need.
    Early on it was discovered that accessible mental health services for children, particularly under the age of five, were limited or nonexistent. As a result of this and in keeping with CenClear's philosophy and mission, CenClear Services submitted an application to provide Family-Based Mental Health (FBMH) Services and was awarded the contract by Clearfield/Jefferson MH/MR. In 1995, CenClear began providing FBMH services. In 1996 the CenClear began providing Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) to children and families in local communities. With the addition of CenClear's Mental Health Outpatient Program three years later, CenClear was now able to offer a seamless array of mental health and psychiatric services to area children, adults, and families. Since that time, the mental health programs have continued to grow and have added the Maintaining Strengths Program, Drug and Alcohol Services, Peer Specialist Services, Blended Case Management, and Community and School Based Mental Health. The CenClear Mental Health Division now services children, adults, and families in various settings throughout the service area.

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