• Medication-Assisted Treatment

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    CenClear offers a confidential Medication-Assisted Treatment program for individuals struggling with addiction. Research has shown that the maintenance medications buprenorphine and vivitrol, in addition to therapy, may improve the chances an individual will remain on the road to recovery. 

    This program is designed to reduce cravings, improve coping skills and assist people on their recovery journeys. This program provides an increased coordination of care for people battling addiction, offering both therapeutic and medical interventions within the same facilities.

    Services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual participating in treatment.  

    Referrals are accepted from social service agencies, courts, schools, families and friends. Self-referrals are also encouraged.


    • One year history of alcohol or drug dependence
    • Must participate in the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program
    • Must be at least 18-years-old
    • Must provide a valid identificationMental Health MAT
    • Appropriateness of all services will be reviewed by agency doctor




    1-800-525-5437 ext. 4560. 

     CenClear Mental Health Referral Button


    *Privacy & Confidentiality
    No information about you will be released without your written consent. 
    Services are confidential 

    CenClear embraces the Sanctuary Model by utilizing a trauma-informed approach to care.

     CenClear is an equal opportunity employer and service provider that does not discriminate on any basis including a person's age, sex, color, race, disability, religious creed, life-style or source of payment.