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     Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) 
    formerly Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS)
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    IBHS/BHRS, formerly known as the “Wrap Around” program, is a short-term, intensive program designed to meet the social, emotional and behavioral health needs of children up to age 21. This program helps children and adolescents whose behavioral, emotional or mental health symptoms are leading to issues at home, at school and/or in their community. The purpose of this program is to surround the child with the care and the behavioral support needed to improve their behavior and/or reduce their symptoms. This service can be provided in the home, school and/or community. 


     TSS - Therapeutic Staff Support  (combined with other services)

     MT - Mobile Therapy

     BSC - Behavioral Specialist Consultant

     BSL - Licensed Behavioral Specialist Consultant

     Brief MT or Brief BSC- this is a service that is provided without TSS or other supports but is usually authorized for 9 months instead of just 6 months. 


    BHT: Behavioral Health Technician; Or BHT-ABA: Behavioral Health Technician-Applied Behavior Analysis

    BC: Behavioral Consultative Services; BC-ABA: Behavior Consultative Services-Applied Behavior Analysis

    BA: Behavior Analytic Services;  Assistant BC-ABA: Assistant Behavioral Consultative Services-Applied Behavior Analysis

    Eligibility for Intensive Behavioral Health Services:

    • Child/youth/young adult up to age 21
    • Mental Health diagnosis and a Medical Assistance Card (If child does not have MA card, she/he may be eligible for one if an evaluation yields a qualifying disability)
    • Meets medical necessity for service in the child's environment including home, school and community settings

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    Geographic Locations Served for Intensive Behavioral HealthMental Health BHRS

    • Clarion
    • Centre
    • Clearfield
    • Elk
    • Cameron
    • Jefferson
    • Potter

    Limited Availability In:

    • Blair
    • Cambria
    • Juniata
    • Mifflin
    • Huntingdon
    • Bedford


    To request more information about Intensive Behavioral Health Services or BHS, please call:
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