• Family Reunification (FR)
    Utilizes Family Training Services, Extended Visitation/Observation and Family Group Decision Making Conferencing (FGDM), which are all designed to assist families in reunification as they serve in the best interests of the child.

    Mental Health Time Limited Family Reunification

    • The child must be removed from the home
    • The Children Youth and Family Services goal for the child must be return home
    • The child must not have been in care for more than 15 months
    Everyone benefits by this process:
    • Children are protected, safe, and supported by their family
    • Decisions are made with families, not for families
    • Children have reduced reoccurrences of being removed from their home
    • Children are returned to their families within a shorter time frame
    • Significantly reduces the rate of abuse or neglect for children
    • Encourages families to work together to find solutions
    • Better decisions produce better outcomes
    Family Training Services
    Provides families with home based hands-on family education, including the option of extended visitation to help meet their goals. An assessment is used to identify strengths and needs of each individual family, so together we build on those strengths in addressing their specific needs. Services help promote an environment to which a child can safely be returned home. These families will have the ability to maintain a safe environment after reunification, with increased support within our community. 
    Extended Visitation/Observation
    Assist families to meet their goal of Family Reunification by providing a safe home-like atmosphere for an extended parent/child visitation. Visitation is a valuable tool in preserving and reuniting families with the potential for developing a healthy bond between the child and parent.
    Family Group Decision Making Conferencing
    This is a family-centered practice based on family strength. Facilitators provide an opportunity for the family, extended family service providers and community to come together to create a plan for the safe and the well-being of the child for a permanent return home. Together better decisions make better outcomes. 
    Service Area
    Clearfield County
    Services are offered out of our Clearfield Office located at:
    60 Industrial Park Rd.
    Clearfield, PA 16830
    Phone: 814-765-9887
    Fax: 814-765-9542