• The Recovery Center

    Recovery Center step down from Rehab support for drug and alcohol use recovery CenClear Clearfield substance abuse recovery

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    The Recovery Center is a place where people in recovery for a substance use disorder or beginning a recovery journey program can learn about resources available to support recovery.

    It offers support for individuals and families as they navigate behavioral health and community support systems. It fills the gap between in-patient and out-patient services. At the Recovery Center, you will find a support community that strongly promotes, encourages and supports sobriety; and empowers families to support loved ones through addiction and recovery.

    At the Recovery Center, trained professionals will help individuals and family members find an individualized path to recovery.

    Education will be provided on addiction and recovery for both individuals and affected family members, and support will be available for both the individual and the family to help them connect with needed resources.

    Services Available

    • Life Skills Group
    • Family Recovery Support and Psychoeducational Groups
    • Referral to Clinical Services and Case Managemetn Services (SCA/Treatment Provider)
    • Assessment and/or Treatment Services (SCA or Treatment Provider)
    • Sober Social Events and Activities
    • Recovery Focused Social Activities/Events for Family Members
    • Recovery Coaching/Mentoring
    • Family Recovery Coaching/Mentoring
    • Telephone Support for Individuals and Families


    CenClear, 60 Industrial Drive, Clearfield

    To learn more call: 

    (814) 765-1149